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      We're Chook - a group of award winning designers and developers helping brands tell stories, build audiences, and deliver content via the web, mobile, and social media. We've built platforms, websites, apps, and campaigns that help our clients engage users - delivering effective brand experiences across multiple devices.

      Not Your Typical
      Digital Agency

      We're an independent digital creative agency delivering projects for much-loved brands big and small. Since 1997 we have hand-crafted digital products and campaigns for clients spanning television, cinema, music, publishing, telecommunications, charity and education.

      We love the intimate partnerships we've fostered with each of our clients (some of which have been working with us since the company began) and have built a team of passionate, multi-skilled and talented humans for them to collaborate with.

      We love what we do.

      Working Alongside
      Some of the Best

      We are fortunate enough to collaborate with some amazing brands. Our clients experience the benefit of a true digital partner - including a unique hands-on relationship with a team of project managers, designers & developers hungry to understand and grow their business.

      Skills to Back
      the Dream

      Our multidisciplinary agency is skilled in connecting insight to strategy, design to technology and people to brands. We build engaging and sharable experiences that deliver results for our clients through a broad range of digital capabilities.

      Let's create a digital strategy